Sunday, February 4, 2007

Valentine's Day, why not send roses

A Special I Love You Fabulous Roses If you really want to steal someone's heart or make any day as magical as Valentine's Day, why not send roses along with an "I Love You" note and a beautiful love poem.

Make valentine gift "Clip Hearts "

Clip Hearts

1. Craft foam hearts (ours are 3/4 inch and
11/4inches across)
2. Hot glue
3. Click-style barrettes (also known as contour clips)
4. Scissors
5. Colored card stock
6. Marker

1. Arrange two or three craft foam hearts as you like and hot-glue them
together. (Draw and cut your own hearts, using our templates or
check your craft store for precut foam hearts.)
2. Glue the hearts to the wide end of the hair clip and let the glue set.
3. Cut a heart from the card stock. Write your message on the heart, then
clip the barrette to it.

Make Her Love You With Flowers

From generation to generation, women have always loved receiving the gift of flower Simply put, flora are a symbol of life and beauty and thus, when received, women don't just feel vibrant and full of life, they feel beautiful and incredibly special.

by :Andre Cross

Spa Gift Certificate for valentine'day

Spa Gift Certificate. Spa package and gift certificates are popular with gals and guys. Imagine getting your skin rejuvenated...or pedicure and manicures by styling...dietary counseling...dry rough skin gently removed...all-over relaxing body massage! Many local area day spas offer the perfect Valentine gift idea, and offer great packages and prices. Tune in and search your local market for online spa gift certificate packages that guarantee to make Valentines a sensory remembrance.

Gift to make and eat thaifood

Gift to make and eat thaifood,thaiparty food . You need a food idea for party plans? A variety of impressive but easy party... Gourmet Thai Party Food-Easy

Valentine gift idea "silver frog "

For a truly unique gift for him - let him know he's your prince Charming
This sterling silver frog wears a crown fit for a prince. Choose carefully: As soon as your Prince Charming sees the box with the words, "you are my prince," written on it, he'll know he's finally won you over.